Mold Inspection and Health

Mold testing JolietDue to the rather constant concern for the health of family and workers when mold is a concern, we expanded our services during the mold inpsection.  We always committed to a full visual inspection.  A professional mold inspector not only identifies mold, but determines the best method to solve the mold problem.  As professional mold inspectors, we want to get the honest facts to people that allows them to make the best, informed decision.

Professional Mold Inspection $99

We are adding three new evaluation tools to our service, but still not raising our super-fair $99 for local mold inspections.  First, is the particle counter than give us a real-time report of mold spores in the air.  This speeds up the process as air samples sent to the lab takes 3-4 days for results.  Now, we can read the outside air as a baseline, then compare the readings from room to room to help locate the trouble areas.

Second, we have added a professional infrared camera that is uses to "See Behind the Wall" to find hidden wet or damp areas.  This prevents unnecessary damage to walls to see what is behind.  It also allows us to locate the problems that are almost impossible to find otherwise.

Third, we has added an Air Quality meter that tests for other potential air threats.  We often encounter worries and complaints about strange health issues that may be caused by mold, but might also be due to the toxins or VOCs in the house.  This test alone is easily worth the cost of the inspection.  But, we offer the mold inspection with all three critical tests to assure that we left no stone unturned.

Make no mistake, mold will not only damage the building.  It will also impact the health of everyone in the building.  Some are more resistant than others.  And, the more sensitive will often be the first to feel the affect of the toxic impact of mold.  Toxins are the real threat as they are a type of slow killers of whatever they touc.  

Mold produces mycotoxins.  As the name implies, mold toxciity adds to the other latent toxins in the home or office.  Testing is literally the only way to find and fix these harmful influences on family and worker health.  Let Joliet Mold Inspection find and solve the threats that may be harming your health, day after day.