Black Mold In Joliet IL

The fact is that Black Mold is rare in the Joliet IL area.  It does happen, but it is rare.  More often than not, sales-motivates mold inspectors scare customers into expensive mold remediation services using the threat of Black Mold.  This is unfair, and unfortunate because it always ends up costing more to fix the problem than it should.

You see, just because mold is black in color does not mean that it is Black Mold.  If the mold was determined to be Black Mold, the issue of health becomes urgent; and the family literally needs to move out until the problem is fully resolved.  Yes, Blck Mold is serious and frankly a threat that cannot be ignored.

But, the good news is that Black Mold is pretty rare, and many types of mold are dark or black in color.  You really do not know until a mold sample is tested at a lab.  We have a 3-4 day lab response for any mold tests done by our professional lab.

Either way, the mold will have to be treated, and that is not just a bleach treatment.  Bleach kills the top part of the mold, but not the root.  There are far better mold killing products than bleach.

GreenSoft Group offers mold inspection services in Joliet IL and surrounding areas.  We are highly trained and experienced.  Our OSHA training means we have a serious knowledge of health related concern.  As members of the Environmental Remediation Services, we always look for any health risk potentials.  But, the truth is that most mold types are just allergenic.  A few are toxigenic.  In either case, a professional mold inspection is the best way to deteromine the extent of the mold concern, and the best (and most affordable) mold removal process.