Mold and Health Problems

In nature, mold is very useful.  Mold is a very small plant that loves to feed on cellulose like wood and leaves.  So, mold sppeds up the DECAY process in the forest. 

In your home or building, mold is an unwelcome guest.  Mold is a kind of biohazard causing destrouction on multiple levels.  If you let mold grow on wood for years, it will cause decay that crumbles any kind of wood.  Mold finds cellulose in paper and carboard.  So, use plastic contianers in basements, attics, and garage to store goods.

Mold also loves humdity, so it is best to keep the humidity level below 60% in the house, including the basement.  

Moldy areas will produce billions and billions of mold spores over time.  These are the seeds sent out by mold to spread mold to all other areas.  These can be a constant threat to the health of family members.  So, use a HEPA vacuum, and empty it every week ... at least.  Change your furnace air filter every 90 days.  

When a mold condition is removed, think of the whole house.  We like to HEPA vacuum everywhere, do a special cleaning of the carpet, make sure the air ducts are cleaning, and sweep the air to remove the kind of microscopic dust normal cleaning cannot.  We believe cleaning mold should include a special cleaning of the house by professionals with the right tools.