Indoor Air Quality Testing

One of the services we offer is a full test and report on the indoor air quality of your home or office.  Poor air quality is an invisible threat that can have very real impact on the lives of your family or workers.  

Most of us rarely appreciate the amount of junk in the air until we enter a dark room where a shaft of light in the darkened room shows millions of small floaters drifting about.  In a more practical way, the constant accumulation of dust is evidence that this stuff is a constant assault of your health and happiness.

People with allergies will benefit the most from an evaluation of the indoor air quality.  But, there are even more people with low-level allergies that seem to be just tired eyes, afternoon headaches, or an occasional rash.  

The solution is to test the air for mold spores, pollen, and other dust that can be problems for everyone in the home or workplace.  We find evidence of asbestos, lead, heavy metals, and manufacturing pollution from local manufacturers.  All of this is an assault on the family and workers that has very real consequences.

On the positive side, fixing indoor air quality is perhaps the easiest problem to fix.  But, let's find out what challenges are in your home or workplace.  Then, the solution will be obvious.