Mold Allergies in Joliet IL

Mold is a common problem in most homes and office buildings.  In fact, all types of mold are more or less allergenic.  A few are toxigenic, meaning that can cause sickness in the family.  If the mold in your home or office is one of the many allergenic types, people in the home or office may be not reactive to the allergen.  Others will have mild to severe reactions that may seem like semi-normal problems.  Rashes, itchy eyes, tiredness, sneezing, and headaches can be attributed to a variety of non-mold allergy possibilities.

The only way to know for sure if there is a mold problem is a air test performed by a professional mold inspector (not a profit-motivated mold company) that is completed at a well-established testing lab.  

A mold test can tell us what kind of mold in in the building and even include a mold count.  If the mold count indoors is greater than the mold count outside, there is likely active mold in the building.

If mold is an issue, there are plenty of simple cures that can be suggested.  The public is advised to not fall for the scare tactics of aggressive mold companies who warn of Black Mold when there is no actual lab test yet performed.  Black mold is actually quite rare, but a serious problem when discovered.