Mold In the Basement - Joliet

It is helpful to know is that most basements will smell like mold or mildew because they tend to be more humid and have a lot of available paper and wood that mildew really likes.

Here are some good ideas to reduce the "Mold and Mild Smell in your basement:

  1. Always run a dehumidifier in the basement.  It helps if there is a tap for a hose to run into the floor drain.
  2. Replace your cardboard boxes with plastic bins.  Cardboard is an excellent food source for mold and mildew
  3. Keep wood off the floor.  
  4. Throw stuff out, and be aggressive.  Accumulated clutter can help mold and mildew find a nice hidden place to grow.
  5. Change the furnace filter every 90 days
  6. Throw out anything that gets moldy
  7. Get a back up system for your sump pump.  Water will turn your valuables into trash with just a few inches of water.

We get numerous calls from people with "Musty Mildew Smells" in the basement.  It is a good idea to have a professional mold inspector take a look at the whole house, including basement and attic at some point.  Finding mold early is finding mold once it is started to spread and destroy wood.  Give us a call, it is a $99 investment in the health of your family and your house.