Watch Out for Mold Inspection Scams

We constantly hear of various mold inspection firms invoking "Black Mold" scare tactics.  Well, here's the truth.  Black mold is rare, but it is dangerous if it is found.  Moeny mold types are black, green, brown; but color is not the determination of Black Mold.  

Specifically the dangerous type of black mold is Stachybotrys Chartarum.  This type of mold is not only allergenic, but also toxigenic.  In other words, it will cause serious health problsms because the mold puts out mycotoxins that will impact the health of people or animals in the building.  There are about 50 types of S. Chartarum, but they are still rather rare in our part of the country.  

The only way to determine normal mold from S. Chartarum is a mold test by a registered lab.  When mold is found in a building, a sample san be taken and sent to a lab.  

Even if the mold in not S. Chatarum, there may be cause for concern becuase other types of mold are allergy threat and may also put out mycotoxins.  More common to the Planfield are is Alternaria, and this is also the type of mold that could literally chase families out of their home.  Even the more common Aspergillium can be a serious threat to anyone with respiratory problems.  

Only a mold sample can tell the difference between health threats by mold.  Mold Inspection Joliet is an independent mold inspection service that does not secretly represent a mold service and act as a proxy salesman by offering a free mold inspection.  These free mold inspection offers should be obvious that no one works for free, so you end up with a proxy salesman trying to scare you with false information about Black Mold and pushing a large contract at you.

We are OSHA, PMI, and EHS certified mold inspectors who are on your side, not theirs.