What are VOCs and MVOCs?

Joliet Mold problemVOCs means Volatile Organic Compounds, and MVOCs are Microbial Volatile Organic compounds.  While mold is a kind of biohazard, the impact of mold can be felt on multiple levels.  But, VOCs and MVOCs are invisible and in gas form.  Even a HEPA air system will not filter out VOCs.

During a mold inspection, our professional mold inspectors conduct a visual inspection of the building; but there is more to understanding the environmental threats than finding a moldy patch.  Mold spores are very, very small and travel through the house.  Particle counters give us a real-time reading of the spore concentrations and potential problems areas.

We use a special meter to measure VOCs which may be part of the problem.  In some cases, there is no mold, but the chemical residue, pollution, and VOCs are the problem.  This meter is very helpful to properly isolate health issues.  And, VOCs are even easier to resolve than a mold infestation.

We also use an infrared camera to find wet areas behind the walls.  In many cases, small leaks and damp areas will not show up on the exterior, but our equipment locates wet areas for further investigation.

All this for $99, and an experienced professional to explain the readings.  There is no mystery when we have real-time readings that pinpoint the sources of any health concerns.