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Mold Inspectors of PlainfieldJoliet Mold Inspection is part of the OMG Sanitized, Inc provides a variety of environmental services.  This includes a dedicated mold inspection service.  We also provide environmental inspections to commercial building seeking environmental certification.  And, we are local offering the mold prompt and professional mold inspection services.  In many cases, we can schedule for next day inspections.  

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OSHA Mold Inspection and Health Implications

Joliet Mold Inspection Service1- Visual Mold Inspection:  We do an extensive visual inspection from basement to attic to find and evaluate any mold issues.  We come prepared to conduct a full mold inspection on your home, office, or building.  Even though our price is modest, the service is amazingly complete.  The visual inspection is always important as  year of inspection and training allows our team to locate the real problem and suggest the smart and best way to solve the mold problem.  We are on your side, and we can even assist suggesting the best and affordable solutions to fully remove the mold threat.

Infrared Mold Inspection2- Infrared Camera Detection:  The IR camera allows us to "Look Behind the Walls" without damaging them.  While many services add a fee for IR inspection, we include it in out $99 offer.  There are numerous times that hidden mold goes undetected unless we can see what is happening behind the walls.  This device saves us time and money by finding and localizing serious water issues.  Water is a critical factor to mold growth, so this test is super important to an effective mold inspection.

Joliet Mold Inspection Service3- Real-Time Particle Counter:  While we can still take air samples that are sent to the lab, the professional-grade particle tester allows us to to real-time evaluation.  We start with a test of the outside air as a baseline, and then use our test equipment to determine is there are high mold spore counts inside.  We can often determine which rooms may have the highest probaiblity of a mold infestation.  This test system is a huge asset to diagnosing a mold problem.

Indoor Air Quality Testing4- VOC and TVOC Air Quality Testing goes well beyond what the typical mold service offers.  The "Toxicity Level" of the home or building.  Mold produces mycotoxins that add to the other toxins in the home.  So, we know that removing the mold may be only one important part of the overall health concerns for family or workers.  Frankly, this is a test that every home needs regardless of the concern for mold.

That is why our service is more than just a mold inspection ...

Allergy Abatement service:  When we get the full picture of the home, office, school, or workplace; we can understand the real cause of troubling health concerns.  

Chemical Sensitivites:  Mold may be a piece of the health threat in a home or office.  The building up to toxins in the home cannot be removed with cleaning or a HEPA air filtration system.

Chronic Illness:  For anyone with cancer, respiratory problems, and weak immune systems can be adversely affected by mold, VOCs, pollution, and toxic conditions that others may ignore.  

Child Behavioral Issues:  While we do not treat people, we know that anyone with behavioral issue can be aggravated by a toxic chemical issue.  While doctors may treat the physical conditions, we see huge value in removing aggravating conditions from the home.

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