Mold Sickness & Allergies

Mold Sickness in JolietMany of our customers call because they feel irritated and ill due to unseen mold or pollutants in the home.  Many people have there vulnerabilities while others are not bothered by the pollution in the home, school, or workplace.  About 30% of all buildings are toxic or semi-toxic, and about 80% have one or more employees complaining about sickness at the workplace.

Homes are no better, in fact, they are worse.  Women working at home are 54% more likely to experience environmental health issues compared to those working outside the house.  Mold sickness is not solved by medication, and needs to be professional removed from the building.

Mold is a real biohazard.  Many types of mold are allergenic, and some are toxigenic.  An air sample will show they types of mold present in the home.  Regardless of the type, things never get better on their own.  Mold should never be tolerated.  Throw out anything you cannot clean, and use plastic containers (not cardboard) to store your possessions.

By the way, bleach DOES NOT KILL MOLD.  Bleach may remove surface mold, by unless the root is killed ... mold will come back.

Our company offers a proven spray system that kills mold and cleans the air.  In fact, the same treatment removes pollution, VOCS, chemical residue, pollen, and mold spores from the air.  We consider the treatment as a Decontamination and Detoxification process that has provided relief for many people struggling with environmental pollutants of all types.

This spray system is biodegradable, non-toxic, and leaves no chemical residue.  Yet, it is amazingly effective at neutralizing a variety of environmental threats.  Some mold problems may require the removal of drywall and badly infected wood, but if the mold issue isn't too far gone, our spray system is an effective solution.