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Extreme Mold and Air Testing for just $99

We do not use "Scare Tactics" or promote an expensive repair contract.  Free mold inspections are a ploy to get their "Commissioned Sale Rep" as a "Mold Inspector" into your home to push an expensive remediation contract.  Call Romeoville Mold Inspection first.

Our $99 inspection offer is very fair.  We rely on real-time testing, honest evaluations, and independent labs to give our customers the "honest facts".  There is no mystery, hype, or hidden sales tricks.  Just reliable testing and guidance.

We have years of experience, great credentials, but we take pride in our ability to do an extreme mold inspection that is not just opinion and hype.  You see, some mold concerns also blend into latent toxins, chemical sensitivities, allergies, and chronic illness that requires more than assessing the mold problem.  As OSHA mold inspectors, your health is our concern.

When Hiring a Mold Inspector in Romeoville IL

When you hire a mold inspector, his job is to be an informed guide that will assess the mold threat and suggest the best solution.  Removing mold is one aspect of the service, but your health is actually more important.  The core duty is to help you understand the threat and solve the problem in the most effective way possible.  Because mold remediation can vary greatly (a few hundred to several thousand dollars), the small price paid for a professional mold inspector is the best way to protect yourself from over-priced mold remediation costs.

The public is now aware that mold is not something to ignore.  Homes with children need to be particularly concerned about mold threats.  However, seniors also need to be aware that mold can cause or contribute to respiratory issues, skin problems, and compound recovery from illness.  Mold can be part of the health puzzle, and we can help find the solution.

Mold Inspection home for saleBefore you buy or sell a house in Romeoville, it is wise to have our service do a complete inspection.  Mold discovered by the home inspection will stall or kill the sale.  And, since mold is a known toxic threat, it is an issue that should be fully addressed by a profession service that is committed to your family's health and security.  

We work with Romeoville real estate agents, home owners, and home buyers to assure that the home is mold-free, environmentally-safe, and poses no threat to families that will spend years in their homes.

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