Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing Joliet

We are OSHA trained professionals for commercial or residential mold and indoor air quality testing.  We have the equipment to perform a full battery of real-time test at your location.  We also have the resources to perform diagnostic testing for specific IAQ concerns at independent testing labs.

Real Time Testing

  • Particle meters test PM10, PM2.5, and PM0.01 for particle, like mold spores, concentrations.  This means a full mold inspection is conducted as a part of the overall inspection.
  • Pinless moisture meters to test for hidden wet spots
  • Infrared cameras can find cool areas where water leaks might happen
  • Wallbot provides digital imaging behind the wall to locate pipes, wires, and even rodents
  • VOC meters test for the undetectable, toxic gases that care common in buildings
    • Prism air sampling to determine the exact type of toxic gases
  • Inspection of the air ducts for debris and blockage
  • Experienced, professional evaluation of concerns and visual inspection

Real-Time IAQ Testing Price:  $199 with written report
Real-Time IAQ Testing Price with particle and gas lab analysis:  $495

A professional IAQ testing is important for anyone buying a new home or considering a rental unit.  Once you close the deal and move in, it is too late to make improvements the responsibility of the current owner or rental company.  We strong suggest a professional mold and IAQ inspection prior to closing the deal on your next home.

Do not fall for the "Free Inspection" gambit that brings a Biased Inspector into your home who is actually being paid a commission for all the jobs he brings into his company.  Free is never free when a professional must invest time, equipment, travel, and expenses into spending an hour in your home.  We charge a fee because we work for you, not the mold company using free offers to scare customers into over-priced contracts.