Toxic Air May be as Bad as a Mold Problem

Toxic Home Mold

Our mold inspection service uses a variety to tests to find and assess a mold problem.  We are finding that about 25% of inspection reveal higher-than-normal toxic air levels.  This is often related to family concerns for headache, breathing issues, illness, nausea, and general family health issues that are hard to define.

Mold is more than a problem for the wood in your home, it is literally a type of biohazard.  Mold can produce toxins.  They are called mycotoxins.  For some people are able to ignore low levels of toxins, while others suffer with a variety of aggravated health issues.

We find that about 25% of mold inspections reveal low mold test results, but they show high levels of toxic air (Called VOCs).  Years of living, heavy use of cleaning products, and even the furniture, building materials, carpet, and paint may contribute to the BIOLOAD or BIOBURDEN of a home or workplace.  Buildings are closed systems where may things go in and only the trash and waste water goes out.  Toxins are trapped and recirculated in the building day after day for years.

While cleaning products, pesticides, fragrances, pesticides, and more TOXIFY the house, and may be the reason that people in the family have odd health issues when they are at home that do not exist when you are away from the house.  This is likely the biggest warning sign that something isn't right with the indoor air quality.

We test for mold, but we have easy-to-understand test meters will tell the story of no problem or health concern.