Post-Flood Mold Problems

Joliet Mold Inspections Solve Mold ProblemOur mold inspection and mold remediation service was the goto mold service for Joliet Job Corp.  After cold weather caused broken pipes and flooded areas in the building, Joliet Mold Inspections were called in to assess the condition, and deal with a serious mold condition.  After the building had been dried out, the concern that employee compaints of odd smells and health concerns may indicate a mold problem.

Evidence of mold can be hard to find, but a series of mold air tests revealed that mold had been an issue in several parts of the campus buildings.  Joliet Mld Inspections found the mold affected areas and treated them with a minimum of inconvenience.  

Final mold test of the treated areas then showed a effective treatment, and employees we interviewed say that they are feeling much better.

Mold can and does affect the health of people.  The longer the exposure, the more odd health issues may happen.  Quick and effective action after a flood or water leak is always the smart thing to do.  If you suspect that there is mold in your home or building, Joliet Mold Inspection can help evaluate the problem and suggest the best method to solve the problem.