Asthma and Mold Problems

All mold produces mold spores.  Many of the most common mold types produce harmful mold spores and something called mycotoxins.  While some people are able to tolerate the presence of mold, others are not. Mold is always a health concern.  If it isn't a problem yet, given enough time it can impact nearly everyone.  Mold does aggravate asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems; but it is gradually affecting the health family members as well.  Over time, a persistent mold problem will harm the health of otherwise healthy people.

There is no such thing as harmless mold.  Mold is a destroyer.  It feeds on wood, paper, carboard, or organic matter.  And, it gradually turns hard wood into powder that breaks apart with a touch.  If it can literally destroy wood, imagine the impact on our lives.  Not only does mold destroy wood, it produces spores and mycotoxins that contaminate the air.

We test homes and offices with a variety of test equipment.  A visual inspection is always needed, but there are things that the eye cannot see.  We can test what is behind the wall or determine the presence of water that feeds mold in hidden areas.

Our battery of mold and air quality tests set us well above the typical "Run and Gun" mold services that use scare tactics to obtain a high-price contract.  With our meters, you see what we see.  There is no mystery and that allows the customer to understand that our services, prices, and processes are fair and fully effective.