Mold in Attic - Joliet

Mold in the attic or basement are the most common calls we get.   Mold in the attic is the result of a leak or poor ventilation.  Either way, it is very important to solve these problems before they destroy the wood itself.

Recently, we had such a call from a new condo owner.  A previous inspection (Free, of course) found mold in the duct system and asked for $750 to solve the "Horrible Black Mold growing in the ducts."  This is typical scare tactics to push unaware customers into a needless, expensive mold treatment.

The owner decided to invest $99 in to bring in GreenSoft Group's a certified mold inspector.  Remember, we don't work for a mold remediation firm, so we feel the fee is your best insurance against getting ripped off my a "Free Mold Inspection" scam.

Upon inspection, we found fuzzy, black residue on the intake air vents, but strangely not on the supply-side air vents.  Strange indeed.  

In this condo the furnace and air conditioner were in the attic.  So, we went through the garage to take a look at the furnace.  If the previous mold inspectors had done a thorough job, they would have done this too, don't you think?

Something was very odd.  A layer of fibrous, light material covered the furnace and surrounding area.  This did not look like mold.  Honestly, it looked like the stuff my wife pulls from the catch area of the dryer.  So, we looked further.  

It didn't take long.  We found the dryer vent that went from the condo to a roof vent.  The pipe had pulled loose, and now the exhaust from the dryer was everywhere.  Problem solved for just $99.

The owner used a shop vac to clean up the area, and he reconnected the dry vent once everything was cleaned up.  He save $651 compared to the $750 fee the previous "Free Mold Inspection" guy had required.

By the way, this was not Black Mold!  He had been nearly scammed by a Free Mold Inspection" promise.