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Why We Don't Use Biocide

There are dozens of "Mold Killing Products" on the market.  Of course, there is still the belief that bleach can be used to kill mold.  That approach is highly overrated because bleach isn't effective at killing the roots of the mold.  Then, there are products customers can buy at Home Depot or Menards that are pretty good, but not a full cure.  Treating mold topically is somewhat light treating cancer with a salve applied the skin.

Mold in Nature

Understanding MoldFirst of all, mold is a kind of plant that belongs to the family of fungus.  In this family there are mold, mildew, algae, and mushrooms.  In nature, mold is beneficial because it works on wood, leaves, and organic matter to digest and convert it to rich soil.  But, what is good on the outside is not good inside.

Five Star with HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor Joliet Mold InspectinsJoliet Mold Inspection has served the community for more than seven years, and we are glad to be part of the HomeAdvisor project.  Thus far, we have a fantastic Five Star rating, and that doesn't come easily. Along with our other credentials the HomeAdvisor professional status with a Five Star rating means we put our best effort into every job.  

Mold Inspection and Health

Mold testing JolietDue to the rather constant concern for the health of family and workers when mold is a concern, we expanded our services during the mold inpsection.  We always committed to a full visual inspection.  A professional mold inspector not only identifies mold, but determines the best method to solve the mold problem.

What are VOCs and MVOCs?

Joliet Mold problemVOCs means Volatile Organic Compounds, and MVOCs are Microbial Volatile Organic compounds.  While mold is a kind of biohazard, the impact of mold can be felt on multiple levels.  But, VOCs and MVOCs are invisible and in gas form.  Even a HEPA air system will not filter out VOCs.

Post-Flood Mold Problems

Joliet Mold Inspections Solve Mold ProblemOur mold inspection and mold remediation service was the goto mold service for Joliet Job Corp.  After cold weather caused broken pipes and flooded areas in the building, Joliet Mold Inspections were called in to assess the condition, and deal with a serious mold condition.