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Mold Sickness in Joliet Homes

Mold, even small areas of mold, can be a health concern.  Mold in Joliet is fairly common for several reasons.  Older Joliet homes may have issues not considered when they were built.  With a river flowing through, hills and valleys, and seasonal weather change; mold in Joliet is very common.  Older homes did not require footer drains, water runoff planning, and more advanced building safeguards.

Mold in Attic - Joliet

Mold in the attic or basement are the most common calls we get.   Mold in the attic is the result of a leak or poor ventilation.  Either way, it is very important to solve these problems before they destroy the wood itself.

Recently, we had such a call from a new condo owner.  A previous inspection (Free, of course) found mold in the duct system and asked for $750 to solve the "Horrible Black Mold growing in the ducts."  This is typical scare tactics to push unaware customers into a needless, expensive mold treatment.

Mold In the Basement - Joliet

It is helpful to know is that most basements will smell like mold or mildew because they tend to be more humid and have a lot of available paper and wood that mildew really likes.

Here are some good ideas to reduce the "Mold and Mild Smell in your basement:

Mold Allergies in Joliet IL

Mold is a common problem in most homes and office buildings.  In fact, all types of mold are more or less allergenic.  A few are toxigenic, meaning that can cause sickness in the family.  If the mold in your home or office is one of the many allergenic types, people in the home or office may be not reactive to the allergen.  Others will have mild to severe reactions that may seem like semi-normal problems.  Rashes, itchy eyes, tiredness, sneezing, and headaches can be attributed to a variety of non-mold allergy possibilities.

Black Mold In Joliet IL

The fact is that Black Mold is rare in the Joliet IL area.  It does happen, but it is rare.  More often than not, sales-motivates mold inspectors scare customers into expensive mold remediation services using the threat of Black Mold.  This is unfair, and unfortunate because it always ends up costing more to fix the problem than it should.